Cause: Labour savings

Cause: Labour savings

De Bruijckere Agro is a specialized arable farm in seed potatoes, located in Aardenburg, the most south-westerly point of the Netherlands in the region Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The company includes approximately 170 hectares of its own seed potatoes, with a further 30 hectares for processing from other growers, resulting in an annual processing of 7,500 tons of potatoes. In the autumn of 2023, John and his father Jos decided to install two QualityGraders, influenced by praising words from fellow growers about this device

Quote - John de Bruijckere

"Everyone was so pleased with the QualityGrader that we have bought it without seeing it in action"

"Everyone was so pleased with the QualityGrader that we have bought it without seeing it in action"

John de Bruijckere
Aardenburg (NL)

Labor saving

The seed potato company is dependent on foreign labor for reading seed potatoes. When they come to work, they want to keep working non-stop. ‘We noticed that we started sorting later in the season because we didn’t want people to come until then, so we didn’t take advantage of the wet days in the middle of the harvest period to sort the first potatoes.’ John’s choice to use a QualityGrader installation means that one person can start sorting early in the season, which means they can deliver potatoes earlier, even during the harvesting season.

Labour employes saved

2 to 3

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Astonishing result

During the installation, in collaboration with Bijlsma Hercules, it was decided to have the QualityGraders work both side by side (parallel) and behind each other (in series). In this way, higher efficiency can be achieved with problematic batches. “I can adjust the machine so well that when they run in series I can put them straight into the bag.” This increases business security and reduces dependence on labor. Satisfaction radiates from all sides at the De Bruijckere company.